These are the road cycling books that Charles has written so far. Each of them covers a different part of his favorite sport, road cycling. Your Century Ride is out in print as well as Kindle. The other three books; Buying a Road Bike, How to Ride a Century and Getting Started in Road Cycling are Kindle eBooks. More books are coming, so check back here.

Your Century Ride


Enhanced and expanded print version of my earlier How to Ride a Century book. I have included the top mistakes that first-time century riders make, detailed training methods using a heart rate monitor and a power meter.  

This book will help you make road bike choices that make sense for you and your budget. It will describe the difference between aluminum and carbon fiber bike frames. And the book will detail how to do the usual maintenance. Go into a bike shop with confidence, zero in on the frame and components you want. 

Buying a Road Bike


If your doctor, or your significant other, wants you to get into shape. But, you don't want to go to the gym, with its crowds and sweaty equipment. And you didn't like running in high school gym class, and certainly, you're not going to run now. Road cycling could be your path to better fitness and a better-looking waist. But road cycling seems complicated; what to ride, what stuff is needed, where to ride and with whom.

Road cycling is not that different from when you were riding in school. The bikes have changed, the technology has improved and enhanced the ride, but the fun and sense of discovery still there. This book will introduce you to the current world of road cycling, by going through the types of road bicycles, components, helmets, and clothes available today. It will cover how to ride safely and where to ride. Better fitness is not that far away.

How to Ride a Century


You may have seen hundreds of cyclists riding in a century ride for a local charity. Your first thought was probably that those riders were crazy somehow. Or that they were well beyond you in fitness and riding skill. 

You can rise to the challenge. This book walks you through the training, and what to do pre-ride, during the ride and post-ride. Through it all, you will have fun, meet many other cyclists, get into better shape and achieve something great. On Monday morning, while your co-workers talk about going to the movies, or to the park, you can say you rode 100 miles on a bike and stop the conversation. 


Lots of great info. Simple to read.

Jerry Montoya

Getting Started in Road Cycling


This book will introduce you to the growing sport of road cycling, including the types of bicycles, what to bring along on a ride and the road cycling culture and traditions. This book will open up the world of cycling to you, and you will find that the information and insight in this book will be of great value. Plus, you will get more of a feel of your neighborhood, town or city by cycling around your area at 10 to 20 miles per hour than driving through at 30 to 40 miles per hour.