Your Century Ride Book Cover - A Road Cycling Goal

Your Century Ride 


You can ride 100 miles in one day.   It may seem impossible, after all, few people even drive 100 miles in one day. But, thousands of cyclists ride century rides every year. Old and young, thin, athletic or out of shape, all types of riders, just like you, have overcome the challenge and had fun doing it.

It takes training, determination and most of all, confidence in yourself and your ability. This book will guide you through the preparation for the ride and what to do on the ride. You will learn about how much bicycles have changed over the last 15 years. What to bring along on the ride. And how to recover from the ride.


"Great book for basics... If you are returning to cycle, as I'm, thinking about long roads on your own strength or even starting a new sport, that's the book! "

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